Back Pain Limiting Your Golf Game?

Looking for an effective solution to your back pain while avoiding addictive pain medication and preventing surgeries?

Better Way Physical Therapy is perfect for you.

Better Way Physical Therapy specializes in manual therapy to heal back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain in adults over the age of 40.

In a few short weeks we can help you to golf without pain and empower you with an individualized exercise plan to prevent your pain from returning- so you can stay healthy and active, and continue to enjoy fully participating in the activities you love!

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"Earlier this year I had a shoulder issue. I ran across a patient testimonial describing unprecedented success using Dr. Peter McGrath, so I called him for an assessment/visit.   

I had major pain in my shoulder causing severe flexibility issues.  In particular, I experienced the pain during my golf swing. At 54 years of age, i had been playing golf since my early 20’s and the pain was like nothing I had ever experienced before. The pain was so intense, I was to the point where I was considering canceling playing in an annual July golf tournament and wondered if I would ever be able to play golf again at any level again.  I went to Dr. McGrath and after just four visits of specific shoulder treatment and doing the recommended customized exercises he suggested for my shoulder on a daily basis,  I was back swinging my club better than ever….a truly amazing result. 

I went from  wondering if I could ever play golf again to after just 4 visits , getting both my flexibility back and a pain free swing. I am actually better now than before experiencing this shoulder issue!! I overwhelming recommend/endorse Peter McGrath!! Thank you, Peter." - BJ Templeton


Better Way Physical Therapy will help to restore optimal alignment, muscular balance, and range of motion to the entire region surrounding your lumbar spine. This will allow you to live and golf pain free, while avoiding addictive pain medication and preventing surgery.
All services provided by Better Way Physical Therapy are one-on-one with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.
Physical Therapy Evaluation & Treatment: For individuals who are in pain and want to return to the activities they love.
Wellness Massage: To prevent pain and injury from occurring by promoting muscular balance and relaxation. Specialized forms of manual therapy can also Reduce Facial Wrinkles, Cellulite, and Unwanted Fat.
Fitness Training: Expert one-on-one training from Doctor of Physical Therapy who will create an individualized exercise plan for YOU and teach you how to perform all the exercises in the most effective and efficient ways- so you can get the best results in the least amount of time! Specialized fitness training can also Prevent Common Golf Injuries!

Effective Solutions for Complex Cases

Better Way Physical Therapy takes pride in the results our patients achieve. Your Doctor of Physical Therapy has advanced training in examination and evaluation to determine the root cause of your pain. This allows your treatment plan to focus specifically on getting you the best results in the fewest amount of visits.

Treatment Based on Latest Research

The decisions regarding treatment provided by Better Way Physial Therapy are guided by the latest clinical research. The treatments we provide are supported by strong evidence from the highest quality sources. This will help you acheive progress that we will measure using objective, quantitative data.